Display Stands & Display Products :

Fully sign advertising is a one stop shop for all display materials. our quality Stands are elegant, functional, perfectly designed display stands in Dubai. These display stands Dubai are very handy to use and can be set up in minutes by even an untrained person. Our display stands in Dubai come in many size and the measurements various on product ranges. Our display stands form an ideal backdrop or back wall for exhibitions indoors , outdoor as well as venues where there may be height or space constraints .Made to last for a long time our display stands give years of trouble free service.

Fully sign located Dubai in the heart of the city with all kinds of displays products of the world. We have good stock in display range of products in warehouse . Service is our moto and sure We provide very good after sales support and service to strengthen our bonds with our customers.

Type of Products:

Roll Up Stand :

Rollup Stand stands are the single most popular type of trade show display. There is virtually no trade show set up of any type or size where you won’t find some kind of banner stand display. At small events, trade show banner stands may be the only display in a booth space, along with a table and some literature, and be enough to stand out and get customer’s attention. Multiple banner stands can be used to provide additional information, feature products, and help draw more traffic. At shows where a bigger visual impact is needed, banner stands are often used as a back wall, or often in addition to a back wall display such as a pop up or tension fabric display. Using banner stands for trade shows in combination with a back wall display allows them to placed closer to the isle, at corners and in other high traffic areas to provide supplemental information and increase the visual impact of the overall display, which helps draw more customers. Even extremely large and custom trade show displays use banner stands. Because these large, elaborate exhibits often have more generic information that doesn’t change frequently, trade show banner stands are used to display information on products and services that need more frequent updates. Since the graphics in these exhibit banner stands can be easily and inexpensively updated, they can also be used to freshen up the look of the overall display, not just to keep the information current.

Types:  Economic roll up stand , Luxury roll up stand, table top roll up stand , roll up stands 2×3 meter , black roll up stand and more

Menu board:

Menu boards used for hotels and corporate office mostly ,examples morning menu, lunch menu, dinner menu, happy hours menu, special events menus and its comes in more Adjustable & Non adjustable types.Wooden menu board , stain steel menu board, non adjustable menu board, adjustable menu board.luxury golden menu board.

Snap frames :  

A4 Size, A3 Size, A2 Size, A1 Size.

A board :

Our range of A-board and advertising boards include options for almost any retail or leisure environment, A STANDS can be used in indoor and out door display .

X banner stand :

X banner stands get their name because when set up, the banner stand frame looks like the letter X. This style of stand is extremely lightweight and simple with a reputation for being the best option for customers looking for cheap banner stands.

Since they are so inexpensive, they are a great option for large promotions where stands and banners need to be presented in many locations at the same time. Product launches in showrooms or retail store displays are among the popular uses for X banner stands.

Promotional Table:

These tables are portable and easy handling and reassemble whole unit display which basically used for marketing Campaign for Societies, Promotional Events Shows, Exhibition, indoor and outdoor promotions of product/scheme, Survey. Promotional Counter are composite of ABS Body or Plastic table Structure frame, Digital vinyl printing and vinyl back drop, these promotional tables are easy to carry, install and de-install. So that One Promotional Tables Can be used in Multiple Events Shows simply remove previous prints from Display Tables and Past New Digital Vinyl Print for New Marketing Activities or marketing Campaigns.

We provides our Promotional Table for Marketing campaign & for Branding Promotion to various Sectors FMCG sector, Consumer Durable Goods, Medicine Pharmaceutical Sector, Educational Sector, Event and Exhibitions, Service Sectors, Banking Sectors, Manufacturing Sectors etc.

Flag poles :

FULLY SIGN has a collection of high impact, Best flag Poles which is most ideal for indoors or outdoors promotions, events and festivals. Drop Banner stands are available in UAE, and we can exports to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar & Bahrain.

Flag Stands ( Table Top):

We supply Indoor and Outdoor Flag Pole , table top flag ,Flying Banners in Abu Dhabi Dubai and UAE . Indoor and Outdoor Telescopic Flag Poles ,Indoor Flag Pole, , Flying Banner, Table Flag, Indoor Flag, Outdoor Flag, L Shape Flag, Tear Drop Flags, Sharksfin Flag, advertising flags, Country Flag, Customise flag, World Flags Suppliers in Abu Dhabi Dubai UAE, Flag Shop in Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai, Hand Flags supplies, Flag Printing, Flag pole suppliers in Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai, Flags & Banners Dubai, Flag poles Flag Banners Flags UAE, Flags & Textile Printing in Abu Dhabi UAE Dubai.

Pop Up Stands:

A pop up stand is the best solution for multiple events and promotions with Stunning graphics.




Brochure Holder :

Brochure Holder is mostly height and Adjustable type used for display purpose and easy to use, Brochure Holder having Lots of models. Wooden Brochure holder, Acrylic Brochure Holder, Steel Brochure Holder, Leaflet Brochure Holder and more.

Queue Stands Barrier With Rope :

Queue Stands are used for many different purposes such as crowd control, waiting lines, marking off areas, protecting art or cars, designating a Do Not Enter or Protected Equipment or dangerous areas. Many different places use stanchions including banks, restaurants, trade shows, arenas and they have many other applications. They can be line barriers or queue barriers that you often see in airports, movie theatres, hotels, restaurants, sport venues and anywhere crowd management is required.



Light Box :

LED Light Box Specifications :

Characteristic Visible surface: single-sided

Suitable size :

A0 A1 A2 A3 A4
Crystal clear appearance simple, bright, long life, low energy consumption.

Info – board :

We supply information boards mostly used in all corporate front office , reception area, hotel ,restaurants and many more places.

Led spacers:

We supply all spacers for making customised light boxes .

  • 25x30mm
  • 25x25mm
  • 25x40mm
  • 25x50mm
  • 25x60mm
  • 19x19mm
  • 19x20mm
  • 19x30mm
  • 12x22mm
  • 12x25mm
  • 12x30mm
  • 12x40mm
  • 12x50mm
  • 16x40mm
  • 19x30mm
  • 16x40mm
  • 16x50mm
  • 19x25mm
  • 19x50mm

Light Boxes & Display Products

Promotional Table

Promotional Table

Popup stands

Popup stands

Brochure Stand

Brochure Stand

Snap Frames

Snap Frames

Zig zag stands

Zig zag stands

X- Banner Stand

X- Banner Stand

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